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Workplace Representation

Sometimes you just need to expert guidance and help…

If you are facing problems as work, it may be that one of our expert employment law solicitors can help you. We are very experienced at all kinds of employee issues: we have heard everything over the years!

Free no obligation first call

We are happy to have a quick free chat (time permitting!) with employees who are facing problems at work. We would normally expect such a call to last up to 15 minutes and in that time we will be able to advise you whether you really do need professional help, help of another kind, or whether there is a quick solution that you can undertake yourself for free.

How can an employment law solicitor help?

We have so much experience at employee relations we are able to listen to the facts of your situation and advise you. You might be going through a really hard team and need someone to talk to. you might need us to provide an expert opinion as to whether you have a claim or not.

We may need to accompany you to work to meet with your employer (if they will allow us!), or we may need to help you draft a letter to your employer, or complete a grievance. Whatever your need at work, we can help.

What issues might you be facing?

There are a number of issues that you might be facing at work where we can help:

  1. You may be facing disciplinary proceedings. This is always stressful, whether you are responsible for the allegations or not! We can help you manage the situation, and advise you on how best to defend yourself. We might work with you to create an excellent witness statement in your defence. Or we might need to encourage your employer to be more reasonable.
  2. You might be suffering from bullying our harassment. Take a look at our bullying and harassment representation service. Come for a cup of tea and a chat and we can help you take control.
  3. You might have some long term health issues and wonder if you might be protected by the Equality Act. If so, we can advise you whether you have a disability for the purposes of the Act, and we can help you ensure your employer makes the right reasonable adjustments!
  4. You might be suffering from stress, workplace related anxiety, or depression. We can help you identify the causes and help you work with your employer and your GP to take control and to find a solution.
  5. You might be subject to a performance review which is causing you undue worry. If so, we can look at all the circumstances and ensure that your employer is treating you fairly, and also advise you on strategies to perform more effectively. You may wish to check out some information in our knowledge bank about performance management.

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