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What is a Settlement Agreement?

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What is a Settlement Agreement?

A settlement agreement (or compromise agreement as it used to be called) is an agreement between employer and employee which settles any claims between them, usually in return for some payment on the part of the employer.

Many of the claims an employee can bring in the employment tribunal are “statutory claims” – i.e. claims which are set out in the written law (statute). For instance, if an employee is unfairly dismissed then the employee has a statutory claim of unfair dismissal in the Employment Rights Act 1996. It is these statutory claims which can only be settled by means of a compromise agreement.

What do I do if I’m offered a settlement agreement?

If you need advice on a compromise agreement Sheffield, or any other part of the UK, call us on the above number. We can meet with you straight away and negotiate with your employer for you on your behalf.

What is required to make an agreement into a valid “settlement agreement”?

  • The agreement must be in writing and must related to a “particular complaint” or “particular proceedings”
  • The employee must get advice from a relevant adviser: the employment lawyers at Ironmonger Curtis are qualified and experienced advisers (and are insured as required by law);
  • The agreement must identify the adviser and it must state that the conditions regulating compromise agreements have been satisfied.

Do take a look around the settlement agreement section of our website and feel free to call us on the number above should you need to. We have some useful information for you such as:

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Take a look at our settlement agreements page and give us call. We can help! We have years of experience at advising employees and helping them through what can be a challenging period.

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