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Employment Tribunal Representation

It is possible to bring a claim without expert assistance, but it is becoming increasingly complex and the statistics show you are more likely to win if you have a qualified professional at your side.

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Employment Tribunal Representation

For some general information on bringing claims please take a look at how to bring a claim in the employment tribunal.

We would suggest the following:

Free telephone chat

If you are considering bringing an employment tribunal claim, please do call us on the number above for a no-obligation, free of charge chat (we will normally expect such a free call to last around 15 – 30 minutes depending on the significance of the case).

Costs and payment

There are basically two ways you can work with us:

  1. An hourly rate. This is the traditional method of working with a solicitor. We work as needed and charge you monthly for the work we do. We will happily provide a breakdown of the hours we have worked.
  2. Our fixed fee service. This is set out below, and is designed as a “cost effective” solution where you are willing and able to provide us with help and assistance as necessary. For instance, you must act on all our requests promptly, you must provide all your documentation efficiently and so on.

Our fixed price employment tribunal representation service

We offer a range of fixed price services, the amount of which depends on just how complex your case is. We will assess how complex your case is on the telephone in advance of any meeting.

  • A simple case is a very straightforward matter, with often just one legal claim, often with undisputed facts and less than 50 pages of documents.
  • A standard case has some disputed issues, often more than one legal claim, with 200 pages of documents or less.
  • A complex case has multiple disputed issues, complex legal claims and more than 200 pages of documents.

As an alternative to fixed prices, we are happy to do any work on a “pay as you go” hourly date basis (which is the traditional method for retaining solicitors).

If a fixed price is to be agreed, it will be agreed stage by stage. Some of the stages set out below can only be offered as a fixed fee where you are willing and able to provide assistance (for example for us to prepare the bundle on a fixed fee we need to know that you will provide clean documents in a timely fashion).

In certain cases we reserve the right not to offer a fixed fee – for example if the case is unusually complex or if other issues come into play.

1. Let us assess the strengths of your claim

We can assess the strengths of your claim and whether or not it is worth pursuing. You will need to have the documentation ready for us to assess in advance of the meeting (if there is any).

  • Simple case: £99 plus VAT which includes up to a 30 minute meeting.
  • Standard case: £199 plus VAT which includes up to a 1 hour meeting.
  • Complex case: £299 plus VAT which includes up to a 2 hour meeting.

If you wish for a detailed written opinion the cost is doubled in each case.

2. Let us draft your claim, the ET1

We are experts at drafting legal documentation and the ET1 is the foundation on which your case is built. There are many pitfalls to the unwary in a poorly drafted ET1: not least, missing out on claims that could have been brought. So long as we have already assessed the strength of your claim we can draft the ET1 for the following sums:

  • Simple case: £149 plus VAT
  • Standard case: £299 plus VAT
  • Complex case: £499 plus VAT

 3. Let us handle the correspondence

In order to bring the claim to trial, there will often be a lot of correspondence between the parties, and also with the employment tribunal. We can manage this process for you if you would like us to. We charge for each month that we act for you.

  • Simple case: £49 plus VAT per month
  • Standard case: £149 plus VAT per month
  • Complex case: £199 plus VAT per month

In some cases there may be work outside the correspondence which needs doing – for instance investigative work or speaking to witnesses etc. In such a case we can act on an hourly basis or we will agree a fee with you.

 4. Witness statements

Drafting witness statements properly is critical to the success of your case. We are happy to offer you a fixed fee, or alternatively, we can draft them on an hourly paid basis:

  • Simple case: the primary witness statement: £199 plus VAT, subsidiary statements £99 plus VAT
  • Standard case: the primary witness statement: £499 plus VAT, subsidiary statements £199 plus VAT
  • Complex statement: the primary statement: £999 plus VAT, subsidiary statements either £499 for complex (over 8 sides) or £199 plus for simple statements (less than 8 sides).

5. Preparation of the bundle

The “bundle” is folder full of documents that is used for the hearing itself. Six copies of the bundle needs to be prepared, normally by the Claimant’s solicitor. This is a job best undertaken by experts as a poorly executed bundle will cause problems at the hearing and could even result on postponements.

  • Less than 50 pages £99 plus VAT
  • 51 – 99 pages £149 plus VAT
  • 100 – 199 pages £249 plus VAT
  • 200 – 299 pages £349 plus VAT
  • 300 – 499 pages £449 plus VAT
  • 500 – 1000 pages £599 plus VAT
  • More than 1000 pages price on request.

6. Schedule of loss

The schedule of loss is your statement of how much money you are claiming. This can be a very time consuming document and for all but the most simple needs expert input of some kind. We are happy to offer a fixed fee.

  • Simple case: £99 plus VAT
  • Standard case: £249 plus VAT
  • Complex case: £399 plus VAT

7. Conference with a barrister

It can often be a very good idea to have a conference (a meeting) with a barrister before proceeding on to a hearing, but once the witness statements and bundle have been done. These costs are not a fixed price (that would need to be agreed at the time) but they are indicative:

  • Simple case (not necessary)
  • Standard case: £500 plus VAT
  • Complex case: £1500 plus VAT

8. At the hearing

At the hearing you have three choices:

  • Represent yourself. This costs nothing (other than the employment tribunal hearing fee) and is recommended only for simple cases.
  • Have a solicitor represent you. This can be cost effective for simple and standard cases.
  • Have a barrister represent you. This can be cost effective for some standard cases, and is highly recommended for complex cases.
  • Have a solicitor and a barrister present. This would be recommended for complex cases.

We are able to offer fixed fees for hearing representation, but this will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • the seniority of the representative. A junior barrister or solicitor can be as little as £500 plus VAT per day. A senior barrister can be anything from £750 plus VAT to £2,000 plus VAT per day
  • the complexity of the case will affect the charge out rate
  • the number of days required. Many tribunals are just one day – certainly for simple cases – but standard cases can be two or three days and complex cases anything from three days to 20 days or more for very complex and detailed matters.

Generally speaking, for an average tribunal you could reckon on around £1000 plus VAT per day.

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