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Absence Management Advice

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Absence Management Advice

Our employment law solicitors can help you manage any absence related problems – whether they are organisation-wide or related to one or more individuals. If you have not already done so take a look at our employment law legal answers information on absence management.

Organisation-wide absence strategies

If you have a problem across your organisation with poor attendance we can advise you on a mix of “carrot and stick” which should improve attendance figures over time. Changing a culture of poor attendance is not easy, but it can be done given time and given the will to change things.

We can:

  • Implement a new sickness absence policy which clearly defines the rules;
  • Review your current sick pay arrangements to see if they are industry appropriate;
  • Help you enforce the disciplinary procedures on relevant employees;
  • Organise general occupational health visits if appropriate;
  • Advise on drug and alcohol testing if this is needed;
  • Recommend incentives for employees, departments or locations whose attendance improves;
  • Advise on the impact of the Equality Act and ensure that you are compliant.

 Managing the individual employee

Dealing with an employee is not attending as you would like is always tricky. An employer is quite entitled to expect to an employee to be fit enough attend work regularly, but common issues arise which can cause problems:

  • How does an employer manage an employee who is absent due to complex health issues involving a disability?
  • How does an employer manage an employee who is absent occasionally following a bank holiday?
  • What about the employee that is genuinely ill but who has been off work for a long time and doesn’t look like they are well enough to return?

We can help you manage all these situations in a professional and responsible manner, minimising the impact on the employee as far as possible.

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Getting expert medical advice

In many cases expert medical opinion will be needed and often the management of such reports is covered by legislation. We can help you instruct experts and understand the employee’s condition if that is required.

Meeting the employee

We can also help you meet with the employee and discuss the issues at hand in detail. We can suggest numerous strategies to improve attendance and get to the root of absence issues.


In some cases, it is sadly necessary to terminate the employee’s employment and we can advise you how best to manage dismissals despite the difficult legal framework.

We are experts on the Equality Act and its impact on disabled employees.

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