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Capitation schemes

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Capitation schemes

Capitation schemes such as Denplan or Practice Plan can provide valuable revenue sources for your dental practice and business. They can be useful in maintaining regular monthly payments from patients – particularly when patients require substantial dental treatment over extended periods.

These schemes can provide an additional and reliable stream of income, from private patients who wish to spread the cost of their dental treatment over several months, rather than making upfront payments each time they visit your practice, or taking out costly dental insurance.

However, capitation schemes are beneficial to your practice and business only when managed correctly. These schemes do carry some risks, which can become particularly keen if you your practice does not employ effective means of monitoring, recording and management of the payment plans.

It is therefore crucial that, before engaging such a scheme at your dental practice, that you are fully aware and informed of the positive and negative implications they may have on your business.

Ironmonger Curtis with Bell & Buxton has experience in providing dental practitioners with advice on the benefits and pitfalls that capitation schemes may have for your practice and your business and can advise on such agreements prior to signing on the dotted line. Our dental solicitors are also experienced in dealing with capitation schemes when the time comes to sell your practice or buy a dental practice with a scheme in place.

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