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Underleases of part

In current market conditions Landlords may wish to consider allowing Tenants to sub-let a part of their premises subject to appropriate terms and conditions: "underleases of part".

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Underleases of part

Points to consider include the following:

  • Does the layout of the building lend to itself to sub-division? If so, it is important to define that area which the tenant is permitted to sub-let by reference to an accurate plan.
  • What restrictions does the Landlord want to place on the sub- letting of part- e.g. by making it conditional on a direct covenant from the sub-tenant to observe and perform those terms of the lease which relate to the sub-let part?
  • Is sub-division restricted by a superior lease, planning conditions or fire safety regulations?
  • Will sub-division affect security or insurance of the property?
  • Will the underlease be excluded from the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 so that the sub-tenant does not acquire security of tenure?

If the above aspects are properly addressed an underlease of part does not have to become a management burden for the Landlord and can give increased flexibility for the Tenant.

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