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Terms and conditions

How a business operates with customers and its suppliers is key to business and this is governed by its terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are becoming increasingly vital when businesses are looking to recover goods when its customer has gone bust.

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Terms and conditions

As commercial solicitors, we have years of experience in drafting, negotiating and advising clients on terms and conditions.

All businesses whether you supply goods or services to customers, should have a set of terms and conditions on which you contract with your customer.  It is important to ensure that they set out not only payment terms, but are correctly drafted so as to cover liability, risk and delivery.

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As more and more businesses are set-up selling goods or services to customers via a website or over the phone, few businesses are aware that consumers have certain rights under the Distance Selling Regulations and E-Commerce Regulations.  Our business services solicitors can advise you on the importance of these regulations and how to incorporate the rights under those regulations, such as a cooling off period, into your terms and conditions as failure to do so can render the terms and conditions invalid and your business could be fined.

Where a customer goes bust and that customer has not paid you for its goods, you may ask yourself what you can do.  As lawyers for business, we can provide you with legal advice as to where you stand.  With legally drafted terms and conditions, those terms and conditions can permit you (or your representative) access on to your customer’s premises to re-claim any goods which have not been paid for and remain in your ownership. Failure to have legally enforceable terms and conditions could render you an unsecured creditor and you will have to pursue a claim in your customer’s insolvency. With legal advice now, you may be able to prevent this from happening.

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Being business solicitors, we know that when businesses contract with other businesses there are different rules and legislation as to acceptability of terms and conditions. The basic principle is to ensure that you are contracting on your terms and not on your supplier’s or customer’s terms.  If you are unsure as to what this means or how it could affect your terms and conditions, please contact our Sheffield commercial solicitors on 0114 249 59 69 or by email to legals@bellbuxton.co.uk.

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