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Franchise agreements

Franchising is an increasingly used business model. In simple terms it is where the owner of a business (the franchisor) grants a licence to another business or individual (franchisee) to use their business idea.

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Franchise agreements

Franchising is quite common for this to be restricted to a certain geographical area.   The contract governing the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee is a Franchise Agreement.

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As commercial solicitors we are experienced in acting for both franchisor and franchisee, and can provide legal advice as to the obligations of either party under franchise agreements.

A common example of franchising can be seen with a café which is run in department stores across the UK.  The café will be owned by the franchisor and franchised to each franchisee in the department store.  This means that the franchisor allows the franchisee to trade using the franchisor’s trade name and provides support to the franchisee in return for an initial fee followed by periodically payments.

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Before entering into a Franchise Agreement, please ensure that you speak to our commercial team of lawyers.

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