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HM Courts & Tribunals Service fee rises

22 March 2016

The latest round of HM Courts and Tribunals Service fee increases commenced on Monday 21 March 2016 following the Civil Proceedings, Family Proceedings and Upper Tribunal Fees (Amendment) Order 2016. The increases were as follows: For possession claims filed online,…

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The effect of Moorthy v HMRC on termination payments

11 March 2016

The decision in the above case is important in relation to the tax treatment of termination payments. Prior to this case, it was clear that damages of up to £30,000.00 in relation to loss of employment could paid free of…

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Employment Law and the tax implications

Event date: October 21, 2015

MADE The Entrepreneur Festival Date Wednesday 21st October 2015 Time 10:00am to 12:00pm Venue Vincent Harris Suite, Sheffield City Hall Are you employing people? Do you engage people on a self-employed basis? Are you self-employed but generally do work for…

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Partnership law: joint and several liability

4 September 2015

The Court of Appeal’s decision in The Northampton Regional Livestock Centre Company Ltd v Cowling and another [2015] EWCA Civ 651, provides a warning to business owners who trade as a partnership. The court held that a partner, Mr Cowling,…

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Preparing for retirement – dental seminar

21 April 2015

Date: 15th May 2015 Starts: 09:00 Finishes: 15:30 Sheffield Tadcaster Road, York YO24 1QQ   Thos one day session is packed with highly specialist advice from our practice valuers on how to get the best price and terms for your practice.…

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Proposed court fee increase for 2015

26 January 2015

The government has announced that it is going ahead with proposals introducing a change to the way that issue fees for money claims over £10,000 are calculated. This change follows the uplift in the Small Claims track from £5,000 to…

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Ironmonger Curtis solicitor to run the 2015 London Marathon for Alzheimer’s Society

15 January 2015

Ben Ironmonger, a solicitor at Ironmonger Curtis, has taken up the challenge of running in the London Marathon to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. Ben, who hopes to raise over £2,000 by taking part in the London Marathon on 26…

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Changes to CQC Inspections

20 August 2014

On 18 August 2014, CQC published its report on how it plans to inspect dental practices from April 2015. CQC acknowledges that inspections need to focus more on dentistry and compliment the other dental regulators, rather than adding another layer…

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Consumer contracts

2 July 2014

When a business uses consumer contracts for the supply of goods or services, it needs to be aware of the far-reaching consumer protection laws that provide consumers with rights that cannot be varied or contracted out of. Our commercial team…

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Incorporating a private limited company: 101

28 May 2014

This article attempts to set out some of the main factors you should consider when incorporating a private limited company. Whilst this article contains information about the various steps involved when incorporating a company, we would advise you to speak…

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Break Clauses and Rent Apportionment

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you’ve probably given thought when negotiating a lease of commercial premises as to whether you want, or are willing to include, a break clause. A break clause – if exercised correctly –…

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5 February 2014

If you are involved in a civil dispute, you can’t afford to ignore one of the far reaching consequences of the Mitchell case. Away from the newspaper headlines that most people will be interested in is the headline that will…

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Let’s move on to investment in the City Regions

28 January 2014

First things first. I not a political person and this isn’t a political blog. But there comes a time (when you’re broke) when you have to think about the next thing. You’ve initiated and implemented your debt reduction plan, and…

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Andrew Mitchell – the unknown

27 January 2014

Everyone has heard of Andrew Mitchell’s infamous bike ride down Downing Street. It was originally known as “Plebgate” but has also been known as “Plodgate” and “Gategate”. In the 15 months or so since Mr Mitchell refused to get off…

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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery: new rules from 6 April 2014

Another hurdle for Landlords? Landlords of commercial premises will probably be familiar with the longstanding remedy of “distress”, which can be used when faced with a tenant not paying its rent. In this context, distress has nothing to do with…

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Business, Defamation and the Defamation Act 2013

24 January 2014

The Defamation Act 2013 (“the Act”) came into force on 1 January 2014.  (Please refer to our separate article “Defamation Act 2013” for a summary of the main points). Defamation occurs when a statement is published which results in the…

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Defamation Act 2013

The Defamation Act 2013 came into force on 1 January 2014. This note is not intended to be a complete analysis of the Act, just some of its key parts. The requirement to show serious harm A defamatory statement must,…

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Ironmonger Curtis sponsors Golf Day for Dukes Barn

21 January 2014

Ironmonger Curtis is sponsoring the Rotary Club of Hope Valley’s very popular and successful Charity Golf Day at Sickleholme Golf Club on Friday 9th May 2014. Proceeds from this year’s Golf Day will go to Duke’s Barn and other Rotary charities.…

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Research into NHS dental contracts to be revealed

Researchers at the University of Liverpool are set to reveal their findings following a three year study into the framework and commissioning of NHS dental contracts, on the 11 February 2014.   This will be of particular interest in view of…

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Constructive dismissal in olde Englande and new

15 January 2014

A short history lesson In olde Englande when an employer wanted to sack an employee, he (yes, “he”) did so without fear of any legal ramifications. For the average employee it was a quick “sling yer hook” and a leather…

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Social Media – a guide to protecting your business

14 January 2014

The last few years have seen a huge boom in social media use. Whilst there are opportunities to be had in marketing and advertising; businesses need to be aware of the risks of allowing employees free reign on social media.…

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Welcome to the blog

13 January 2014

Welcome to the Ironmonger Curtis blog. In addition to the knowledge bank information, and the various product pages we produce, we felt it would be a good idea to get a blog up and running. Do feel free to comment…

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Tender success for Ironmonger Curtis

6 January 2014

The Ironmonger Curtis Employment law team have succeeded in pulling in work from the Treasury Department. Read all about it here.

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Defamation: new defence for website operators

19 December 2013

As you may know (!) the Defamation Act 2013 comes into force soon following it receiving Royal Assent on 25 April 2013. Related to this, the government recently published the draft Defamation (Operators of Websites) Regulations 2013 (the draft regulations),…

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