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Barnsley College Mock Tribunal

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5 April 2016

Barnsley College Mock Tribunal

Ironmonger Curtis LLP linked up with two groups of Barnsley College Business students to perform a Mock Employment Tribunal over two sessions.

Toby Pochron, Employment Law Solicitor, met with the student to explain how the Tribunal operates and discussed the key ways that businesses can avoid employment issues in the first place.

The Mock Tribunal session split the students into two teams – Claimant and Respondent – for the first half of the session each team prepared their own case, worked out their methods for questioning witnesses, analysed the relevant documents and wrote their legal arguments.

The second half of the session ran like full final hearing and the students cross examined each other’s evidence, presented their legal summaries and nominated judges to act alongside Toby Pochron (one from the Claimant’s side and one from the Respondent’s side) to hear the case and decide the final outcome.

Student Harry Airstone said: “The session was good as it had the same set-up as a real tribunal with proper questions being asked. I wasn’t sure how a tribunal worked before the session but now I am aware of what happens. I was chosen to be a judge and it was fun as everyone was quite competitive and wanted to win.”

Fellow student Andrew Blackburn added: “I really enjoyed the session and would very much like to do it again. The session was presented in a fun way where we were in a mock courtroom being questioned by the prosecution or defending our case. It was educational and I now feel I would be able to understand a real tribunal.”

Toby Pochron commented: “We drafted the documents for this Mock Tribunal as if it were a real case and there were certainly strengths and weaknesses for both the Claimant and Respondent (with some more obvious than others). The students in the two sessions presented their cases very differently and the judges in the first sessions decided that the Claimant had been unfairly dismissed whereas in the second session the judges found that the dismissal was fair.”

“The sessions went really well and all the students engaged successfully throughout the day and found out how a real tribunal works. It is important for them as future businesspeople to know how tribunals operate and what they can do to avoid them, so they have a headstart when they begin their business careers. I hope the students took a lot from the day.”

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