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Litigation Solicitors

Unfortunately, disputes over money are a part of life. Our litigation solicitors are experts in their fields and can give you or your business strong, easy-to-understand litigation advice.

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Litigation Solicitors

On those occasions where a dispute in unavoidable, you will want to ensure that you work with the right litigation lawyer. Our aim is to help you resolve your dispute with the maximum financial benefit; in the most cost-effective way, and with the minimum fuss.

We keep our clients closely informed of prospects of success and costs at every stage. On many jobs we are prepared to offer a fixed-fee agreements so that you are clear on how much you will have to pay in total (ask us for more information on this).

If dispute resolution is what you are looking for, we can help advise you on the best tactics to achieve the settlement solution you are looking for.

Ironmonger Curtis have an excellent reputation for getting results, and for plain English advice. Whatever type of litigation advice you are looking for: commercial disputes, dispute resolution, property law, or civil litigation you can trust us to help you.

How our litigators work with you

From our first meeting with you, our dispute lawyers make every effort to keep you fully informed about your prospects of success, the process you are involved in, and the likely costs. We will also discuss tactics with you: different clients wish to take a different approach.  Your litigation lawyer can advise you on how best to look for a settlement; but if that is not desired or appropriate, we will hold your hand litigating through the entire process, from claim form to court: the choice is yours.

Litigation solicitors Sheffield

Our commercial litigation solicitors will be happy to provide clarity and common-sense advice in the following areas:

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